Building Automation Systems

Enterprise Buildings Integrator

Enterprise Buildings Integrator

Enterprise Buildings Integrator is a comprehensive software suite of building management solutions including digital video management, energy management and security. Supported by local Honeywell technical teams, our solutions provide flexibility and freedom of choice depending upon your specific operational and business goals. 
Building Automation Systems and Controls

WEBs Building Automation System

With WEBs, Honeywell has the Niagara Framework-based building management solution that takes all aspects of your building and occupant needs into consideration to maximize energy efficiency, make management of your facility simpler and more user-friendly and meet your HVAC, lighting and security needs.
Alerton Smart Building Control Systems

Ascent Building Management System

Our Alerton Ascent system was designed from the ground up with the building occupant, operator and owner in mind. The result is the pinnacle of building management - a system that delivers superior integration, design, efficiency, reliability, affordability, analytics and usability. 
Centraline Building Controls

CentraLine Integrated Building Management

CentraLine is Honeywell's partner brand for integrated building management, offering systems that are tailored to the demands of commercial, public, and mixed-usage buildings in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Building Controls and Software - Honeywell Buildings

Native BACnet-compliant Building Management

With open native BACnet® integration capability, Honeywell ComfortPoint Open is a comprehensive building automation system that drives a new level of efficiency and provides an informative and accessible building management system for operators.

Air Flow Control Systems for Critical Spaces

Phoenix Controls designs precision airflow control systems for use in critical room environments such as pharmaceutical companies, universities, hospitals, government research facilities and industrial facilities. These innovative, technologically sound airflow and pressurization control solutions combine unparalleled safety and performance with value and energy savings. 
Novar Multi-site Control Systems

Multi-Site Control Systems

Central control and monitoring of HVAC and lighting is the core value Novar building automation provides your multi-site enterprise. Opus puts you in the driver's seat to have absolute control over everything from customer comfort to managing loads on 100s or 1000s of sites from a central location–without a large team. 
Trend Control Systems Building Energy Management Systems

Building Energy Management Systems

Honeywell's Trend building management systems and HVAC controls put you in command of your building’s environmental performance and costs. Using a simple browser interface and layout these systems are intuitive and easy to learn and don't require extensive product training.
Building Controls and Software - Honeywell Buildings

Intelligent Building Automation and Control

Our VYKON solutions help businesses harness the power of the Internet of Things with best-in-class technology. Using the Niagara Framework® and our embedded controller, this technology is brought to life through seamless integration of standard open protocols with proprietary legacy systems and real-time business intelligence that allows you to make smarter, swifter business decisions.